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---Ranks on the Forum--- Empty ---Ranks on the Forum---

Post  Knickerus on Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:43 pm

You probably have seen the legend at the bottom of the home page. This is to explain the ranks that are visible there as well as a few more.

Member Achievable Ranks
Regular members can rank up in two different aspects: Name color and Rank Title

When you first join, you will be "Member" rank. As you post, your rank will go up.

25 posts - "Advanced Member"
50 - "Senior Member"
100 - "Master Member"
250 - "Elder Member"
500 - "Royalty"
5000 - "Deity"

You also level up in your rank title. Below your rank title, you will see stars (lemons) that coincide with your rank.

When you first join, you will be a "Novice" and you will have one orange slice. As you post, your rank goes up.

10 posts - Apprentice + 2 Oranges
25 - Adept + 3 Oranges
50 - Expert + 4 Oranges
100 - Master + 5 Oranges
250 - Grandmaster + 1 Lemon
500 - Baron + 2 Lemons
1000 - Duke + 3 Lemons
2500 - King of the Forum + 4 Lemons
5000 - God of the Forum + 5 Lemons

Special Ranks

There are some special ranks that can only be awarded. They cannot be achieved by posting or begging excessively. (Seriously, don't beg.)

Admin- Highest rank on the forum. When the Admin steps in, there's something bad going on.

Super Moderator - There are four SMs. (Knickerus, NilRaven, Trigrane, Zorathan) Treat them with respect. They can ban.

Moderator - Can moderate threads. Treat them with respect.

VIP - A person who we here at CC think really deserves to be noticed. They do not hold any power beyond a member, however.

Beyond those, there are some rank titles that can only be awarded.

Admin - Available only to Admin.

Time Lord - Available only to Knickerus.

Hauptmann Offensicht - Available only to NilRaven.

Paragon - Available only to Trigrane

Devil Incarnate - Available only to Zorathan.

Cyber Police - Awarded when a user becomes a Moderator.

Get out there and get posting!
Time Lord
Time Lord

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