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General Rules of the Roleplay Forums

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General Rules of the Roleplay Forums Empty General Rules of the Roleplay Forums

Post  NilRaven on Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:30 pm

Read 'em. Learn 'em. Love 'em.

General Rules of the Roleplay Forums Rules11

- This is meant to create stories, not pornography scripts. No sexualized roleplaying/cybering/faggotry.

- Be nice, it isn't that hard, even for you mortals.

- You will type legibly. This is not a chat room, and there is no rush. i prmse u it wil not hert u 2 reech n xtra 2 inchs 2 pres a few moar keez.

- Make threads for roleplay, and roleplay only. This is not the place to tell everyone about your cat getting hit by a car. Anyone doing so will/should get made fun

- Rules pertaining to the style of roleplay and how powerful you can be will be decided by the creator of the thread.

- Saying "Well it's not in the rules!" is not a valid reason for being a jerk and/or ruining the fun for other members. The Admin has the last say.

Here are a few suggestions for anyone who needs help making rules for their new thread:

- All
General Rules of the Roleplay Forums apply.

- The thread owner's judgement is final and is second only to the moderators/admins.

- Don't control other peoples' characters without their consent.

- Don't make yourself all-powerful. No one-hit kills on other players. No wiping out armies with a sword stroke. And for the love of all the resides on Halo no orbital
laser strikes.

I, personally, also suggest a character sheet in the original post, detailing what you want each player to specify about their character. As well as the starting place for your story. A paragraph or two giving the backstory for your roleplay plot would also be beneficial. Also, you may want to tell the players where they will be coming into the story.

Enjoy yourselves and try to have fun.

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